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Grow your business by becoming an Ownermatch Associate. You're a successful broker or realtor, best in your field, right at the top of your game. But now, you have a whole new option to offer your clients: Ownermatch Exclusive Co-Ownership. You win, your clients win. Click below if you want to represent Ownermatch exclusively in your area.


Important Note:
Ownermatch International does not offer any real estate services. All real estate services are provided by licensed real estate professionals working in their respective regions. Ownermatch Internationa
l has built a network of regional associates who are specialists in shared ownership strategies.

Our Philosophy is Simple

Exclusive Co-ownership is based on the principle that two owners, sharing one resort property or recreational asset, like a luxury yacht, will experience financial and lifestyle benefits that neither owner would achieve acting on their own.

Two owners, each purchasing a half interest in a yacht with more space, features and amenities, enjoys a more "appealing experience" for the same amount of money it would have cost them to purchase a less appealing experience on their own. Everyone wins.

Benefits for present owners

  1. Take advantage of the growing shared ownership market by selling a half interest in your luxury yacht
  2. Withdraw half the value making those resources available for other investments
  3. Reduce all ownership costs in half
  4. Retain an interest in your property as an ongoing investment
  5. Protect the wonderful "lifestyle" you have built and use your asset as much as ever

Benefits for new purchasers

  1. Invest in a "luxury yacht experience" for the same amount of money needed to purchase a much less appealing "yacht" on your own
  2. Indulge in a luxury yacht with more space, features, and amenities
  3. Pay only half of the purchase price and ongoing costs of ownership.
  4. Enjoy a "luxury experience" with family, friends & business associates for half the actual cost

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